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Dr. Elsa Jungman

dr. elsa jungman


Do you ever feel like your skin is trying to tell you something? Well, that's probably because it is. And your complicated, multi-step skincare routine (raise your hand if you're guilty) might be doing more harm than good. The average woman applies 128 ingredients to their skin every day, many of which include irritants, essential oils, fragrances, etc. that kill off good bacteria and damage the skin barrier, causing irritation + inflammation. That's why Dr. EJ's products include only a handful of ingredients that give your skin what it needs, and nothing more.

Founder Dr. Elsa Jungman is obsessed with better understanding our skin's ecosystem and microbiome (the tiny microorganisms living on our skin). Throughout her career, she has made it her mission to be an advocate and resource for promoting a healthy skin ecosystem. Dr. EJ is the first brand in the US to be certified microbiome friendly, using only the gentlest ingredients on your skin.

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