Dr. Elsa Jungman

Start Over Moisturizing Serum

moisturizing face oil

made with just 3 ingredients

perfect for nourishing dry skin or dry patches

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A microbiome-friendly daily moisturizing oil perfect for nourishing dry skin. Made with just 3 powerful, plant-based ingredients to soothe and support your natural skin barrier. This serum is an all in one moisturizer + primer that will leave your skin glowing. Use for all over hydration or to give dry patches some extra love.

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About The Brand

jengi marketplace clean beauty product
"After suffering from a toxic shock syndrome at 18, my skin was left very sensitive. So, I dedicated my career to studying skin science and I found the missing link: the microbiome. Now, we’re creating a movement to help everyone feel at peace with their skin.”
Dr. Elsa Jungman, Founder
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