Everyday Humans
Everyday Humans

Reusable Cotton Rounds

super soft reusable cotton rounds

100% biodegradable 

washable and made with natural fibers

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Swap out your disposable cotton rounds with these washable + reusable cotton rounds. Reusable cotton rounds are a super easy way to reduce waste + help protect our planet. Includes 7 reusable cotton rounds and a cotton mesh bag for washing + is 100% biodegradable.

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"Get this, aging is human. We make lifestyle mistakes (and that's ok!), but if there's one thing we wish we could've figured out earlier? Prevention, is hands down, always better than cure. And we're here for that. We want to help take better care of yourself by creating protection you actually want to wear, and try to be friendlier to the planet while we're at it."
Everyday Humans
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