Refining Cleanser

gentle exfoliating cleanser

detoxify, decongest + hydrate

doubles as a moisturizing lip scrub

jengi marketplace clean beauty product
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This gentle exfoliating cleanser is formulated with purifying ingredients for clearer, smoother skin. Micro-exfoliating botanicals + charcoal gently exfoliate and fight blemishes, while aloe vera hydrates and refreshes stressed out skin. Gentle enough to use daily or when your skin needs an extra detox.

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About The Brand

jengi marketplace clean beauty product
"The ultra-fine exfoliating particles in this cleanser are safe to go down the drain unlike most physical exfoliants, and we use such a sparse amount in such a micro size that its much gentler than most common exfoliants. It's also 100% natural and sustainably grown and packaged."
Neada Deters, Founder
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