Milk Layering Fragrance

clean, gender-neutral eau de parfum

notes of bergamot, white musk, amber

sweet, slightly musky + bright 

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Smells like you, but better. Milk mixes seamlessly with your unique chemistry to create a sensually memorable scent. Milk is also the hypnotic scent that runs through all DedCool fragrances. Blended undertones of amber, hues of musk, and brightness of bergamot can be layered or be worn as stand alone scent.

Top - bergamot
Middle - white musk
Bottom - amber

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About The Brand

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"From sourcing to formulation to packaging to end use, each product is conceived with the highest quality and sustainable ingredients composed in innovative formulations to mitigate water use, while providing the customer with a product that lasts. We translate fragrance across mediums so that scent is practically applied in your life."
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