Cold Processed Scalp Detox

pre-cleanse scalp treatment

gently breaks down product build up 

weekly detox for healthy hair + scalp

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jengi marketplace clean beauty product
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This award winning pre-cleanse oil is like skincare for your scalp. This treatment is the key to a healthy scalp + healthy hair, made with natural ingredients to help gently break down sebum, remove product buildup, encourage hair growth, and restore balance. We recommend using as a weekly detox for your healthiest hair yet.

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About The Brand

jengi marketplace clean beauty product
"We want to help you feel amazing about your hair, which is not just about how your hair looks, but more about how your hair feels. Wellness is a lifestyle, an all-around approach to all forms of health. With hair being so important to so many people, it was natural to think of this as a much longer-term approach; scalp health is hair wellness, which leads to overall wellness."
Helen Reavey, Founder
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