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Prim Botanicals

prim botanicals


Prim creates clean, carefully crafted products inspired by natural ingredients + beauty rituals from the Philippines. Their products are designed to make you feel great, smell amazing, and share as much happiness as possible. 

Founder Stefanie Walmsley first entered the world of natural beauty through reconnecting with her roots. After experiencing burnout from acting in + producing films in New York, she decided to return to Cebu, her tropical childhood home in the Philippines. Here she was reminded of all the natural beauty remedies she had grown up with, but completely taken for granted. She was inspired to bring her renewed appreciation for natural, healing ingredients like aloe vera, moringa, virgin coconut oil, and tamanu back home to New York, and use these ingredients as the foundation for Prim Botanicals. Prim is also a proud member of 1% for the the Planet and gives back to the Philippines through their partnership with Tiny Blessings

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