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MARA believes skincare should be simple, easy, effective + chic. Founder Allison McNamara spent two years developing a proprietary algae blend, sustainably sourced via wild collecting in France and Ireland, that's clinically tested to plump firm and smooth. This blend is the base for all MARA products, and the reason why you'll #seatheglow. Plus, their packaging is made from beautiful recycled + recyclable glass bottles.

MARA is the last four letter’s of founder McNamara’s last name, meaning “sea” in Gaelic. Growing up in southern California, the journalist and TV host turned beauty entrepreneur has always been inspired by the sea. MARA is not only named after the sea, but works to help protect our planet's oceans. The brand donates to Project Neela Sapana, the Impact Project to stop ocean-bound plastic waste from leaking into Chennai's coasts + protect the Bay of Bengal. 

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