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Why use harmful chemicals, especially around your delicate eye area? LashFood knows that clean ingredients are just as effective. That's why LashFood creates natural, gentle formulas that work to enhance your lashes + brows without irritation. Made with non-toxic, gentle and all around “good for you” ingredients so you don’t have to think twice about when surveying the back of a bottle. LashFood's products are also non-GMO, eco-cert certified, plastic neutral + cruelty-free. 


10 years ago, pioneers of eyelash extensions, Jane Kim and her daughter Faith were on the hunt for a natural, effective alternative to get longer, thicker, fuller looking lashes. After a lot of research, they discovered a breakthrough formula, Phyto-Medic Complex. This complex is a revolutionary herb extract that is clinically proven to enhance your lashes + brows. Unlike many other enhancers, LashFood's contain 99%+ natural and organic ingredients, don’t cause irritation and are paraben + prostaglandin free. 

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