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Blume is on a mission to bring healthy skin to the next generation. 60% of women can pinpoint that their self-esteem plummeted when they went through puberty. Blume is here to change that through gentle ingredients, effective formulas, and products that make you feel confident in your own skin.


Taran and Bunny, the two sisters behind Blume, created Blume to make self care easier + healthier, while destigmatizing normal things like acne, puberty, periods and sex ed. Blume is here to shift the narrative away from perfect skin and towards healthy skin. And we're here for it. Blume also donates a portion of proceeds to @daysforgirlsan organization that turns "periods into pathways" for girls around the world through proper education + access to safe resources, so no one has to miss school or opportunities because of their period. 

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