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Act+Acre knows that hair wellness is more than how your hair looks; scalp health is essential for healthy hair that actually looks and feels good. Act+Acre's founder and celebrity hairstylist, Helen, has always been passionate about clean haircare that works. She couldn't find any products that actually nourished, balanced + stimulated the scalp, so she decided to start her own company. Enter the world’s first Cold Processed® hair wellness brand that focuses on your scalp health.

After suffering from scalp issues her whole life, Helen knew there was a better way to approach hair health. She started looking into the haircare production process, and found that most products were made by adding harsh chemicals and processing at high temperatures. These high temps boiled off any natural ingredients leaving them ineffective and stripped of their nutrients. So she connected with a team of really smart people (PhDs, chemists, physicists, engineers, biochemists and botanists) to develop her patented Cold Processed® method, which preserves the effectiveness of all-natural, chemical-free, clean ingredients. Plus Act+Acre uses sustainable packaging and production methods, using 90% less energy to create their products + funding wind farms in Mumbai.

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