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AYOND’s skincare line is inspired by desert flowers that thrive in extreme conditions. The desert is home to botanicals that preserve water, store nutrients + protect against harsh aggressors. That’s why high desert actives like rock rose, wild indigo, blue butterfly bush and sand verbena are the secret to AYOND's skincare. Made with these potent desert botanicals that naturally hydrate and repair, AYOND helps your skin stay healthy, fresh + resilient.


AYOND, a synonym for beyond, believes conscious, inclusive, and sustainable choices are what will define our future. Shani Van Breukelen and Porter Yates founded AYOND in 2018 after Shani suffered a burn trauma. The couple shifted from their careers in fashion + engineering and started working with plant-based remedies to help heal her skin. Inspired by Shani's experience and their roots in Santa Fe, they created AYOND—an effective skincare line that celebrates design without compromising the earth.

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