the problem with other clean beauty sites

The Problem With Other Clean Beauty Sites

Our beef with other clean beauty sites (Yes, We’re Talking About You Credo)

Jengi was born, in part, out of the frustration we often felt with existing clean beauty sites (think Credo, Goop, Detox Market, etc.). Not because they didn’t source unique brands and products but because the experience of shopping for skincare began to feel less like a moment of thrill and more like a chore, scrolling for hours through lists of different brands and products unsure if they would even work. And when you’re already dealing with skin concerns like acne, pigmentation, or texture, you don’t want your skincare shopping experience to deter you from finding products that actually work and make you feel amazing in your skin. 

Below, we’re dishing out some of the primary problems with other clean beauty sites. Why? Because we’re on a mission to nourish your skin with amazing brands and products, to promote the best in emerging brands, and to make shopping fun again. It’s all about good vibes here.


Where's the Fun?

Picture this. Okay, this won’t be difficult to picture, but we’ll try it anyway. Picture this: You’re fun, young, and have an eye for visuals (need we even mention your aesthetically curated vision boards?). So shouldn’t your skincare shopping experience embody that?

We think so. One issue we faced when shopping from large clean beauty sites like Credo and The Detox Market is that the experience always felt stale and boring. The total opposite feeling we had when we discovered a new, fun brand or found the perfect product. 

Luckily, we’re problem solvers and created our own site (think of it like a cute farmer’s market) where finding the most fun, exciting sustainable brands is just a simple scroll. And, when the really fun part comes in the mail (aka your order), you’ll be glad it did.

Think of Jengi like a cute farmer’s market where finding the most fun, exciting sustainable brands is just a simple scroll.


Lack of Diversity and Representation

Clean beauty retailers have struggled to get up to speed with the inclusivity and representation we demand for. Credo Beauty, for instance, houses over 130 brands, only 34 of which are BIPOC-Owned. And while these companies in recent years are making diversity initiatives, there’s always more room to grow. 

We created Jengi with the desire to put inclusivity and diversity at the forefront of our values, not something on the back burner. That’s why we make an active effort to source brands that are minority-owned, female-founded, ethically-produced, mission-focused, community-oriented, and inclusive­, so you don’t have to think twice wondering if a business you’ve bought from aligns with your values.

Help! I'm Feeling Overwhelmed

We hear you. When clean beauty sites like Credo, Goop, and The Detox Market each house hundreds of brands and thousands of products, it’s no wonder that shopping for skincare quickly turns from a simple afternoon pleasure scroll to *my brain hurts*. And we 100-percent get it. We felt the same way.

*my brain hurts*

Shopping for skincare, wellness, and self-care products should be fun and carefree.

Shopping for skincare, wellness, and self-care products should be fun and carefree, not an overwhelming source of decision fatigue. So, to make your skin and mind feel more relaxed, Jengi is highly curated, only featuring a selection of the best of the best brands, like selfmade, Fur, Sistine, Blume, cocokind, Indie Lee and more.