6 bipoc-owned brands we love

6 BIPOC-Owned Brands We Love

From soothing serums to supplement-grade skincare, here are 6 of our favorite BIPOC-Owned brands that make our self-care and beauty rituals everything they should be and more. 
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Clean beauty should be fun, intentional, and inclusive. Always. From soothing serums to supplement-grade skincare, here are 6 of our favorite BIPOC-Owned brands that make our self-care and beauty rituals everything they should be and more.


If you’re a matcha or superfood lover, then Golde probably needs no introduction. Created by Trinity Mouzon and her partner Issey Kobori back in 2017, the brand has quickly become one of our go-to’s for supplements that benefit skin, mind, and body. Their supplement-grade face masks, like the Clean Greens Superfood Face Mask, are also one of our forever favs since they’re literally safe enough to eat and load the skin with nourishing antioxidants, vitamins, and phytonutrients.

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Founder and CEO of selfmade, Stephanie Lee, created the brand while working in the chaotic beauty world, dealing with a mental health crisis, and wondering what needs to change in our society for our relationship with mental health and self-worth to blossom. The result was the first emotionally intelligent personal care brand that includes self-love and skin-boosting ingredients in every product, including their best-selling Secure Attachment Comfort Serum+. All of selfmade’s products are also dermatologist-tested and mental health expert approved. 

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selfmade's lineup of emotionally intelligent beauty products

Everyday Humans

Founded by Charlotte Chen Pienaar, Everyday Humans is a clean skincare brand that creates conscious, plant-friendly sunscreens that work for all skin types, tones, and genders. Their products are inspired by diversity and the desire to make sunscreen an easy, no-brainer step in anyone’s skincare routine. The formulas are designed to be comfy (meaning you’ll love wearing them), plus their cruelty-free and plastic neutral.

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Priscilla Tsai, the founder of cocokind, created the intentional skincare brand with the desire to change the status quo of the beauty industry with everything from their product formulations to their pricing and marketing. The brand is huge on communication. You’ll see this in things like their product packaging—including best-sellers like the daily SPF or ceramide barrier serum—where each ingredient is labeled to explain its purpose in the formula (i.e., moisturizer, emulsifier, etc.).

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CLE Cosmetics

The best clean beauty brands know that nothing is more beautiful than your natural self—and CLE Cosmetics is no exception. Founded by Lauren Jin, the brand aims to speak to the modern woman, sharing that self-care doesn’t have to be strenuous and there is no one way to feel beautiful. Cle Cosmetics’ skincare and makeup are inspired by the latest in Korean Beauty technology but only contain the best curation of non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients.

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Merging innovative skincare, ancient ritual, and environmental mindfulness, Sistine is a clean beauty brand centered around co-existence and creating harmony within oneself and in the relationship between humans and the natural world. Founded by Bahama-native Krys Lunardo and Colombia-native co-founder Mateo Devalencia, Sistine merges the founders’ love for the landscapes that shaped them. They define themselves as “ecocentric eccentric,” nourishing the skin with clean ingredients found from the most protective, nutrient-rich plants on the planet.

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